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Tuesday, May 03, 2011 @ 5:34 PM
I have a habit which I think you guys may have it too,
I love checking pretty hot chicks' blogs/photo albums. Maybe its sounds a lil weird to a girl lol
It kinda fun to check out their pretty make ups, coordinates, nice stuffs they have etc.
(but it also kinda depressing when looking to their super nice pictures, makes me feel ugly -_- fuckin depress -.- )
anyway, this is a my new love Japan model - Yuria Kushido

Firstly I saw her pictures in Tumblr I was like 'who the hell is this cute Japan chick?!' D:

I love her hair, love her eye make, love her style, LOVE EVERYTHING BOUT HER LOOK.
wtf I sounds more weird here -_-
She definitely is my new fashion style icon btw. ;)

She is a producer of GYDA GIRL (a Japan fashion brand), and basically all items she wearing are from GYDA.

I really love her hair.
Dear hair, please grow longer !!

and I also got my motivation to lose weight because of her -.-
she is so skinny! when can I be so tiny and skinny? T_T
ok I probably enuff tiny but not skinny, yet. fml

I also realized that she likes to wear cross necklace in every outfits.

Check out her blog :D Yuria Kushido

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