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Monday, May 02, 2011 @ 9:12 PM
Sweet-Pinkish Nails
Hola ! I'm here to blog again :D

*I'm checking out Mango Loves Fashion Bloggers Kinda interesting!*

ok back to the topic :) Apparently this post is relating with my nails !

Simple is the best. ya know I LOVE manicure so much, but recently I kinda lazy to do manicure by myself -_-
so the best way to have chio nails would be apply chio nail color and that's all !
Choosing the right nail color is quite difficult for people who has tan skin, like me -_-
some colors are hard to match with your skin color and your hands may look weird if you applied some disaster colors.
My personal opinion, if your have a darker skin color, the NG nail colors would be : HOT pink, Deep blue, green, copper etc.
the lighter color would be nice on tan skin such as baby pink, baby blue and white :)
or shimmer purple, red, maroon, dark choco, black ;)

Got them from Sasa, RM3.90 each.
cheap right?!
I applied two coats of it to make the colors become even :)

and this is the new nail polish remover I got.
I've never tried on this brand before, hopefully it's great :)
A good nail polish remover is really important for us who always applying nail color.
Because our nails will become very weak after applying too much nail color.
Previously I was using Sally Handsen nail polish remover, I read a review on Style Suzi about the nail problem she had after using Sally Hansen nail polish remover and I realized that I got the same problem too! Therefore I decided to try on other brands of nail polish remover. -_-
Don't give me shitty result okay Corine de Farme. lol

Let's have awesome nail color for this SPRING/SUMMER! :D




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