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Sunday, June 12, 2011 @ 7:37 PM
AquaJuju Product Range
I promised to blog about Aqua Juju product range and it finally here !!!
Sorry for ffk you guys for a month ! >_<
So one month ago, my mom bought few items of Aquajuju (got promotion that time!)
I personally LOVE Aquajuju so muchie !!
For your information, Aquajuju is a skin care product from Japan which is well known for its hydrating effect.

Seriously after I used their products, my face condition changed A LOT!
I mean, they really did their fantastic job on my face.

You can skip the serum if you're below 25 !
well, I bought the serum quite a long time ago and I don't know it is for 25 above until the promoter told me -_-

Aqua Moist Cleaning Cream
You can use it as face make up remover, its really clean and it can moisturize your face at the same time! One of the features of Aqua Juju is their products are all moisture :)

After remove your face make up, time for cleansing foam!
Aqua Moist Facial Cleansing Foam & Aqua Moist Lotion Moisture
DAMN LOVE this facial cleansing foam because it is in foam texture!
you no need to make foam by yourself anymore!
and it is very comfortable too! I think it is quite suitable for sensitive skin :)

For the Lotion, also known as toner, their range of toner is quite wide, there are few types of toner for different purposes. For this is extra moisture, its quite light, and easy absorb to your skin :) *thumbs up*

The next step would be apply the serum then moisture cream!
Aqua Moist Moisture Cream & Aqua Moist Pure H100

The Aqua Moist Pure H100 is the best seller of Aqua Juju.
It contain Hyaluronic Acid which can improves and repair your skin textures. Amazing product I would say. You only need one drop of it to apply your whole face.

The last step is apply the moisture cream to lock the moisture on your face.
There are also few types of moisture cream,
this one contains rich gel texture moisture and it can keep skin moisture within 24 hours after apply it. It definitely a good product for dry skin :)

Not forget to mention about their facial mask,
I tried it before, damn moisturize !!
but the price is kinda expensive.

You can order it by online, ONLINE SHOP :) This online shop is having sales and free shipping!

Also you can get them in Jusco and Watson. I'm not sure whether Guardian having them or not.

anyway, good stuffs are meant to be shared ! :D




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