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Wednesday, June 15, 2011 @ 8:07 PM
Bali Bali part 1
I'm gonna blog about my Bali trip :D I was so excited for this trip, I never travel in other countries with friends, except Singapore lol
It was a very fun trip :) forget about the accident -_-
reached LCCT airport around 12pm.

checking in :) we were so exciting haha

Kay and Andy :P

Kyle and Kay.

2 poser -.- showing their MU bags.

at Coffee Bean waiting for boarding.

flight was delayed from 3.45 to 4.20 -.-

All playing their gadgets. haha

camwhore while my boyfriend busy playing PSP.

Its boarding time !!! :D

my boyfriend is a poser. hehehe

gorgeous view.

after 3 hours of flying, finally we are here, Denpasar airport :)

Free flyers about Bali tour!

our hotel :D we stayed at the famous Legion Street,
Dewa Sri Hotel.
Love their atmosphere and surrounding. especially their pool side bar!!

Our welcome drink! :)

after check in to the hotel, settled our stuffs, time to hunt for food!

having our dinner at Tubes Restaurant.

Bintang beer, must drink when you in BALI!!

after dinner, the boys wanted to watch the football match.
Barcelona vs MU?

At the HardRock cafe.

Balinese are very friendly, and very patient too.
their driving skills are so different compared to Malaysian -.-
they like to honk and flash light every 5 mins (even lesser than 5mins) lol
and no one is complaining about the honk.
wtf? if this situation is happening in Malaysia, I bet the driver will be punch by another driver, badly -.-

anyway, this is the first part. stay tuned for more ;)

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