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Wednesday, June 15, 2011 @ 5:25 PM
I'm running out of time
Currently addicted to this song: I Need A Doctor by Eminem ft Dr Dre and Skylar

online shopping !!
I'm kinda active in eBay now since I've got my paypal account. hehehehe
online shopping is SO fun.
easy, convenient, and you can get some nice stuffs that not available in Malaysia :D

Really love this Jaspal denim shirt :) Bag from Zara.
Jaspal is a ♥, their new collection is sooooooo niceeeeee.
I got their privilege card, it is very worth! How to say, hmm.
when you purchase an item, they will automatically give you a cash debate into your privilege card.
For example, I bought a shirt RM159.90, and I received RM20 cash debate.
so you can use it next time when you purchase again. worth right?!

New pants form MNG !!
been searching for khaki pants so long !! finally found one at a reasonable price :)

Shopped around Midvalley last weekend with mother.
got some stuffs for myself.

Palgantong Morning set ! RM59.90. BB cream + Loose powder.
super worth also :)
For your info, Palgantong is a Japan product famous with it loose powder :)
can't wait to use them!

Kiss me promotion set! Mascara remover and a mascara for only RM49.90.

This is the JASPAL shirt I bought which I mentioned just now :)
I love it's fluffy sleeves :D I think it is quite match with the khaki pants? :P

got a surprise from my mom, she bought few tote bags from an online shop,
she got me this.

KITSON leopard tote bag!!
mad love :D its actually an appendix from SWEET (a Japan magazine).

with a small porch too!

Dazzlin tote bag and erm, my dog. haha she thought it was her bag.




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