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Tuesday, September 20, 2011 @ 9:50 PM
iPhone blogger
What I love about iPhone is there are lots of awesome incredible amazing apps can be downloaded. Included this iPhone blogger apps! Now I can blog by using my iPhone! Previously I was downloaded an apps which also can allow me to blog by using iPhone but it couldn't able to upload picture. But with this apps, I can upload fabulous pictures! :D

Some recent pictures!

#1 picture of myself lol

#2 Dumbbell given by the boyf .. Gonna workout to keep fit! Lol who doesn't wants to stay prettyy :3

#3 Got my first experience on Fish Spa! It's quite 'geli' when your legs put into the water but after that you will feel quite comfortable like doing a leg massage! :p

#4 My semester break is officially ended! I had a pretty awesome sem break :) Was travelled with the boyf and the gang to Langkawi :D
Picture of me and the love <3

#5 & 6
Self camwhore pic again lol lol

New semester is started! Omg

Posted by iPhone.

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