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Monday, September 19, 2011 @ 3:30 PM
Wanna rent a room?
As a Advanced Diploma student currently studying in TARC college, I met a lot of people who from different background or different states. People comes from different places to KL for further studies, for example students from Penang, Johor, Perak even from East Malaysia Sabah and Sarawak.

The major problem they facing when they come to a new environment is FIND A NEW AWESOME ROOM. Well, now I can tell them NO MORE WORRIES about finding a new suitable room because we got iBilik !

For your information, iBilik is the Malaysia's world largest room database and No. 1 for rent/Homestay/Short Term Rental website, with over 70,000 listings posted online all across Malaysia.

Basically iBilik is a Malaysia website which providing various rooms choices for consumers who wanted to RENT a room. Til now iBilik got around 75000+ rooms for rent in Malaysia, the locations mainly covered in nationwide. iBilik not only focus on the main city KL but they also provide information about rooms located in different states.

In addition, whoever wants to rent out their rooms, they also can post their rooms information in iBilik (FREE POST!) so people can get more information about the room. You can be a landlord too! One of my friend is facing a problem that she is going to graduate from college and she need to rent out her current room to somebody else, but it is so hard to reach out her room rental information to major people! But now with iBilik, she can has no worry about can't get a new tenant :)

Furthermore, it is so convenient by using iBilik to rent a room!
Users can search rooms based on their own preferences or type a keyword to make the searching process more easier! With the fully descriptions and the photos that posted by the landlord, users can easily get the suitable rooms for themselves! after choosing the suitable room, they can contact the landlord immediately !

Want to find a place to stay? Find iBilik!!

For more information about room rental, please click iBilik .


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