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Monday, December 19, 2011 @ 10:27 PM
The Sagittarius
So I'm just passed my 21st birthday, faster give me a belated birthday wish!! lol
anyway, December is my favourite month of a year, its my bufday month, also Christmas coming soon, also New Year Eve is around the corner, I decided to write about Sagittarius. (well, I know I know, nothing makes sense right -.-)

I am a typical Sagittarius I guess.

#Sagittarius seem to be the easy-go-lucky type but you'll be surprised by their achievements at the end of the day. -XSTROLOGY

Yeap, I depends A LOT on my luck. I always think that I got A LOT of luck. No joke, I'm serious. Hence, I will very very upset and think that it is my doomsday when I realize that I have no more luck (eg. I lost my iPhone). I am kind of easy-go-lucky type; I do things very cincai one, I cincai-ly completed my Diploma, I cincai-ly finished my internship, I cincai-ly done my assignments etc etc. Hmm.. I think I will cincai-ly become a millionaire in future #likeaboss

Once #Sagittarius realizes you're a true friend, they will have your back every time. -Sagittastrology

Hmm.. partly agree with that. That's the reason why I only got few true friends. I am that kind of person who like to social (erm, I guess? just very lazy sometimes) but I only social with those worth to social with. LOL what the heck I'm talking about -.- I mean, if I think you are not 'qualify' to be in my friend list, then I will not talk much with you. However, if I think you can be my true friend, I definitely will back you up whenever you have problems, DEFINITELY.

You will never hear a #Sagittarius say "Guess what I am thinking?" because they always say out loud what they are thinking. -ZodiacZone

YES. I am very straight-forward person. And sometimes too 'straight' that pissed people off at the end. My boyfriend always says that I keep hurting his feelings because I always says him FAT BOY. (that's not true, it just teasing, I don't have intention to hurt him lol) I know I can't always say out loud what I am thinking because it will create more dramas especially around girls. So I am learning to keep my mouth shuts. :x

#Sagittarius are extremely nice and giving people, until they feel like they are being taken advantage of. -Sagittastrology

Enuff said. I'm wayyyyyyy to nice #truestory If you don't believe, you can ask my boyfriend. LOL

Fake people don't exist to #Sagittarius, they're nothing to them. -TrueSagittarius

As a #Sagittarius you don't have much patience for bullshit and are quick to cut people off at the first sign of drama. -ZodiacFact

OMG! well said! I hate fake people. Come on, why so fake? I try not to be involved in shitty dramas. I DISLIKE DRAMA.

In general, #Sagittarius is simple, nice, friendly, sociable, fun-loving, love freedom, adventurous, easily bored by routine, honest, think positively, I can be self-centered sometimes.

Happy Birthday to all #Sagittarius around the world! :D

* I've changed my blog link to ! No more :) Relink please! Thank you very muchhhh.

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