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Friday, January 06, 2012 @ 2:35 PM
How to: clean your make up brushes!
have you realized that how long you didn't clean your make up brushes? Or never clean it at all?
You must clean your make up brushes regularly, otherwise it will full of dirt and bacteria. 
So here's a simple and easy way to clean your make up brushes! :)

Take out all your dirty brushes. I only got these few :)

Prepare a bowl of clean and warm water, you can put some mild shampoo like baby shampoo, but I doesn't have any mild shampoo so I prefer to use clean water is enough :)

Put your make up brush from up to bottom, DO NOT put your brush hair on the bottom of bowl because it will damage the hair and cause splaying.

Gently stir it and make sure your brush didn't touch the bottom.

After that, use a dry towel gently squeeze on your brush, then shake the brush to reshape it to remain the fluffy shape. 

Last step, lay your brushes on somewhere like this.
Let them dry completely before use them :) 

Take good care of your brushes and make sure they are in good condition, so you won't need other new brushes! :D

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