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Wednesday, February 15, 2012 @ 6:37 PM
Good news
Just in short, I'm still alive so yea if you follow my twitter and instagram you'll probably know it.

Good news #1, CNY is officially over and I got my ang pao money. However, I spent all the money to get an iPad 2 as my mom's bufday present. :) not myself alone of course, shared with sis and boyfriends.

Good news #2, I'm officially (well, maybe not officially yet) an advanced diploma holder. *high5* previous exam result was released yesterday and I'm proudly say that I passed all the subjects AND managed to get one A- in the last semester. *high5* time to say goodbye to college. *waves*

Good news #3, I'm moving on and looking for a full time job. One of my 2012 resolution is to find an awesome full time job. Unfortunately I haven't found it yet. However, I will be starting my full time job in my previous intern company on March. Wish me luck.

Good news #4, Valentine's day was just over. Thanks for everything he did. He bought me roses, he claimed that it was his fst time to get girls roses (should be true), honestly, it was my fst time to receive a bouquet of REAL flowers. Haha anyway, he did a very good job on valentines day. Haha lol

How's your 2012 so far?
Any good news? :)




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