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Thursday, March 01, 2012 @ 5:55 PM
Just an another week.
It was just another quite awesome or I can say 'productive' week for me. 

A most recent picture of me. 
People asked if I'm on diet now -.- NO NO NO I am not on diet now!! 
wtf I know my weight dropped, DON'T JELLY !! its actually quite unhealthy for me -.-
I have to work out more often with the boyfriend. I SWEAR wtf

Met with the girls. Its been 3 months since we last outing huh? 
I miss you guys so much. 
True friends don't need to meet often because we both know our friendships never died :)
We have different personalities, I'm always the innocent one *cough cough*, Sora is the quite mature thinking one, Carrie is the mysterious but super 38 one hahaha

 Picture taken from few years ago. 

I think the reason why our friendship never died is 3 of us are so 38. 
hahahaha. We play, we talk, we laugh together :)

Guess who's the big day ? :D
Its my another best friend, @chiaeva 's bufday!!!
I love this sohpoh so much, she's one of my BFF!!!

haha celebrated her bufday in advanced at Sunway Pyramid.
Bought a formal dress for her but too bad the size not fit. 
I'm so glad that we are friends. *tears in eyes* wtf 

The day after Eva's bufday celebration, Pei Ling and I went Sri Petaling to have mani and padi session!

Removing my gel nails.
I swear I'll not do any gel nails in my entire life.
Once is enuff. wtf -.-

by the way, here's my new nail art!

Super great deal from Wing's nails Saloon!
We purchased their RM30 coupon from, they free us a set of nail art, pedicure and foot spa treatment!
I'll definitely visit them again in future! :)

First day of work today.

I think my life is quite stable and awesome now.
I got a job, a stable income every month, I got an awesome boyfriend, a bunch of good friends, my beloved family :)

What's better than this? 

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