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Thursday, April 12, 2012 @ 12:44 PM
Shogun Sunway Pyramid

Went to have some lunch buffet at Shogun Sunway Pyramid last Sunday, 
I promised the boyfriend I will treat him buffet after I get my first month salary.
So yeah I did my promise. *likeaboss*
In an addition, Happy 16th monthsary!

Outfit of the day. 
Top from Zara; pants from MNG; bag from Samantha Thavasa and heels from Jaspal.
The boyfriend said I look very vintage, he likes it :) hehe 

Loving the new hairclip from F block and of cos the pair of Chanel earrings.
perfect match with my outfits hehe
Reach Sunway around 12pm, quickly grabbed food to fill our stomach.
Ahhh I'm so hungry now :(
craving for Sushi. 

Chawanmushi :)

The boyfriend :P 

Smile pretty boy smile ^_^

Overall the food is not very bad, a bit overrating cos not much food choice. 
You will not find a piece of Unagi in Shogun T_____T sadcase huh?
You still can find dimsum, Penang laksa in a so called 'Japanese buffet restaurant'.
Oh well :)

So i guess this would be considered an update huh? lol

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