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Thursday, April 19, 2012 @ 5:39 PM
Short Term Rentals in Singapore
I've never visited Singapore for quite a long time, the main reason is the expenses in Singapore costs a bomb for me. Singapore hotels definitely ain't cheap especially when you wish to stay there for about few days. Accommodations sometimes can costs more than any expenses during a trip when you can't find cheaper hotel.

Wondering if there's any cheaper rooms in Singapore? Or you feel like staying in Singapore for a short period like one or two weeks? Here's a travel website - iBilik which offers you variety of short term rental rooms in Singapore. You can even find home stays through the website! Short term rentals or Home stays are definitely a better choice than staying in a hotel room. WHY?

First, the price. 

I browsed through iBilik and found the lowest price of short term rentals is about S$20 per night, means its only RM50+ per night !!  very low price right?! I bet you won't able to find this rate at any hotel in Singapore.

Secondly, the environment.

Don't you feel its better to stay in a HOME than a HOTEL? I mean hotel is nice but sometimes its also not bad to stay in people houses because it will gives you a 'home sweet home' feeling. In addition, you can know more friends by staying in other people houses especially for those travelers that travel alone!! No need worry about the locations cos you can always browse through based on your preferred locations! And and the thing I like the most about room rental is they always provided you cooking equipment and washing machine! You can cook yourself when you don't feel like eating outside. Better than hotel right?!

So what you waiting for? If you want a budget trip in Singapore, visit iBilik for more information!!! Have a nice trip people! :)



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