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Tuesday, May 22, 2012 @ 11:26 AM
don't stop believing
This is the current me -_-

No joke, after my Phuket trip, I became so TANNED.
I must say this again, I'm so THAI now. wtf
My shoulder skin is peeling off, 
even my scalp!

I really hate my square shaped face so much T___T My face is so slim, under the cheek, but I can't slim down my face bone structure!!! D:

Talk about the dark eyes circles, goddamn it. *slap self*

Oh, not forget my hair black roots. -_-
Okay okay, stop whining!! 

Must think positive ok, I'm so pretty. LOL LOL

anyway, sweep away these stupid little annoying things, I feel really grateful !!! :D

the relationship between me and the boyfriend is getting better and better everyday!
Family is healthy as well!!!
Pets are seems happy too lol
End of this month I'll end my probation and I'll officially become an employee!!
The most important, upcoming vacation is almost here again! woohooo happy max :D

I'm trying to be positive everyday now! I believe that good things will come eventually so don't stop believing!

Happy Tuesday!




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