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Sunday, May 13, 2012 @ 12:00 AM
Happy mama day!
Its Mother's Day today, so I will write a blogpost dedicates to my mom :)

My mom has a short hair.
She's skinny, 41kg or around that.
She's kinda tall.
She loves our pets so much.
She's fashionable yet her style very simple.
She doesn't applies any make up.
She doesn't likes LV, she likes Kipling and Chanel.
Her cooking skills is not Top of the world but it would be the best of the world :)
She loves playing her iPad.
She's crazy, in a good way.
She's cute.
She likes to shop like normal woman do.
She's a very independent woman.
She's an Aquarius.
Her birthday is on Valentine's Day.
She's very lazy to apply skin care.
She's hardworking.
She's stronger than my dad. (she even fixed an elevator's button in our condo, true story)
She's funny.
She loves Korean drama.
She likes to talk to our pets when she's boring. (aliens language)
She is a housewife.
We can share our clothes because our body sizes are quite the same.

The reason I love my mom,  hmm. I dont know. I just love her. But I hate houseworks lol
She's the strongest mom in the world :) She's never complaint that she's very tiring of housework or anything but I know she's damn tiring. T____T She's a very good mom, she bought us everything we wanted. From clothes to gadgets, from skincare to cosmetics, EVERYTHING.

Oh, she allows us to be in a relationship when we were 15? Great mom huh? haha

Happy Mother's Day to you, mom :) I know I'm not a very good daughter who always makes you angry. Sorry mom, I will try my best to be a good daughter I promise :) I love you!




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