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Monday, June 04, 2012 @ 12:00 PM
Things are getting better
こんいちは! Wei Yeen です :)
Yes, currently I'm learning Japanese by myself through Internet, books and website - Lang-8!!
Remember that I've bought a Japanese language book from Kinokuniya?
I always wanted to go for Japanese classes, the reason why I didn't go firstly I lack of money, secondly I dont have extra time! (excuses lol) I'm really really trying very hard to improve my Japanese, I know this will be very hard without taking classes, I will try my best!

I believe that June will be a happy month for me :P
I'm so happy because we almost done all the preparations for our up coming trip :D

Tourist Visa - checked!
Our tourist visa has been approved. What a relief !! We were so worried about our visa because we heard that its hard to apply for a tourist visa to this county.

Hotel booking - checked!
We booked our hotels in advanced (like a month ago?), some of the hotels rate are cheap but some of them are very expensive T___T BUT, expensive hotels have more facilities such as private pool (!!!!!!) I'm really getting excited for this trip !!!! :D

Rail pass - checked!
The boyfriend bought us rail pass ticket for 21 days, the price is really high, it costs us RM2300 for a freaking rail pass. -_- We will make sure that we are fully utilize the pass when we arrive!!!

Itinerary - checked!
Haha I started planning our itinerary few months ago before we booked our flight tickets hahaha I was so gen zheung about our itinerary! There are a lot of places I wanted to visit but we didn't have many time although we stay there for 21 days.

Packing - NOT YET !!
Ahhh here comes the crucial part of traveling, PACKING.
I hate packing seriously. Especially for a long travel period. I DON'T KNOW WHICH CLOTHES I SHOULD PACK OR WHICH I SHOULD PUT INSIDE MY LUGGAGE D:

Shopping & souvenir list - checked!
Already listed down what I wanna buy when I arrive!! Happiest thing ever. lol

Enough for the update about my vacation.
Here comes about my work!

Time flies that I already worked for 3 months in this company.
I'm officially a company's employee! haha happy max this would be my first full time job in my life. Must appreciate. lol

I'm really happy what I have now ! Life is good lol lol lol

またね ~ ^_^

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