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Thursday, August 12, 2010 @ 10:25 PM
ok the tittle is 100% irrelevant with this post :/
everyone has a chance, by the way lol

wanted to post about my Port Dickson trip but I am so so so lazy >____<
sorry readers! :(
I'm watching TV nao, what a boring night :(
I need a drinking partner, seriously. I like alcohol, no I'm not an alcoholic. I just enjoy the drinking, which can makes you feel very relaxing & I'll keep laughing when I get drunk :/ lol

I'm currently doing my PTPN thiggy (it is an educational loan), aih so bloody ma fan.
need to photostat so many documents, I still have to back to my highschool for my sijil SPM.WTF after 3 years I haven't take it.

What will you usually do when you stuck in a traffic jam?
day-dreaming? stare at the car infront of you? missing some one? sing like a nuts?
well, I usually day-dreaming (it is a bad habit btw) else I'll sing like a nuts LOL
besides that, I also will make some decision when jamming..ermmm such as what should I wear tomolo, where shud I go this weekend etc etc hahahaaaaa
some people will make their important during their shower time :P
what about you? hehehehhhhhh

This weekend probably no jobs for me :( No jobs means no income T____T *jialat*
final exam is around the corner, I shall start my revision instead of blogging, reading magazines, facebook, twitter, hanging around, day dreaming fml

will you feel the stress when people surrounding started their revision and they're like putting so much effort on their studies? They're making you like you're an idiot or showing to you that you're a lazy bum / why dont you start your revision yet / what the fuck you still blur blur around :/ I'm still very blur on my studies. *feel like crying*

I'm thinking of am I really can handle my Advance Diploma? Is this a right way for my future? am I on the right path? I don't know.
I've lost my motivation to continue my studies, I don't know why the fuck I'm studying so hard for.
If *just IF* *touchwood* I fail any subjects in this semester, I might withdraw from my course.
I hope I'm in the right path. I'm totally lost my direction.

Can someone shows me the right one?

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