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Wednesday, September 15, 2010 @ 2:19 PM
Halfway Gone.
err title is not relevant at all with this post I guess lol
sorry lah can't think of a good title = =

One of my flend was telling me that he's quite amazed to me because I can forget something bad very easily, accept the fact, let it go, stay happily and the most important is I can maintain a quite good relationship with my ex boyflends. Well, I'm amazed to myself too lol

actually why I can forget some unhappy things/person is because I got errr short term memory loss or long term memory loss? wtf my brain is tiny like this (__) yea so tiny lol thats why I can't able to remember too much things = = You can share your secrets with me cos I can forget it in the next day haha

talking about the ex boyflends thiggy, erm I will try not to hate or dislike a person although he / she had done something bad on me. Hating a person is quite hard actually. I will try to forgive and forget if I can lol one of my quote: 都过了那么久,算啦算啦。 yeap everything is 算啦算啦

let's see, I mentioned before I got 5 ex boyflends right? all of them are still contacting with me nao . Some of them even are my best flends :) lol I believe that time can change everything :) A lot of people may think that we can't be flend again with our ex because they've hurt us before or what but for me, there's no right or wrong in love. They may have their faults but I guess ourselves have our own faults too? Think of it :)

Being flend with ex boyflends is a good thing lor, when you talking the past memories with him, the feeling is kinda weird. It's very funny although its quite embarrassing haha

Letting go ain't easy, pretending that you oredi let it go is even harder. lol I always pretending one hahahaha just kidding. I'm Sagittarius leh I can put down a relationship in a very short period!! wtf I hope so = = anyway, I felt that this post is kinda meaningless wtf sorry my precious readers

people suddenly emo cannot ah? hmph. lol

Few days ago I was tagged by Sora in Facebook about the 25 randoms things about me. You all wanna know it or not?
1. Er... I'm still a student.
2. Studying Advanced Dilploma In Mass Comm (media Studies)
3. I'm single and available LOL You can date me nao before its too late WTF WTF
4. My house got 2 doggies, 1 turtle, 1 hamster and few gold fishes
5. I like to eat ice cream so much
6. I'm wearing contact lens
7. I like to sing but I can't sing
8. I'm shy in front of people that I don't know but after you know me, I'll talk non-stop LOL
9. I like to smile, for no reason.
10. I got a blog, twitter and tumblr.
11. I'm a shopaholic. I've never get bored of shopping. ;P
12. er I'm always believe that 'Nothing can last forever', including LOVE
13. I got height phobia. I don't like to play roller coaster etc
14. I scared of insects instead of ghost
15. I can't sleep without air-con
16. My shoe size is 37
17. I want to go JAPAN so badly. TOKYO!! HOKKAIDO!!
18. I don't know how to speak Japanese btw i wanna learn it but no motivation and $$ and time wtf
19. I love Japan fashion so much, I like to read their fashion mag. eg. Popteen, Vivi, Jelly, Popsister, Ranzuki you named it.
20. I'm a Chanel freak.
21.My bufday is coming soon, ok not that soon 18/12/1990 *hint hint*
22. I need a new mobile phone and DSLR
23.I like photograph but I'm noob on it
24. I know how to swim, I learned swimming when I was 9
25. I cry very easily. DON'T MAKE ME CRY.

Now you know me more oredi don't you? ;)

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