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Friday, March 23, 2012 @ 6:06 PM
I miss Bali (pt 2)
I'm actually working right now but I just can't stand the bore -.-
So I will continue posting about my Bali trip which SUPPOSEDLY updated long long long time ago. ( I went Bali Island around June 2011) Part 1 is here Bali Bali Part 1

So I guess this would be the second day in Bali.
We visited their famous beach, KUTA BEACH!!
where full of angmohs!!!!

So I'll just let the photo do the talking.

 It's definitely the most beautiful beach I've ever been.
Clear sand, clear sea, damn lot leng zai and leng lui angmohs playing around. *drooling*

 LOL that's his finger on his pants, not showing his undies O_O angle problem lol lol

 Everyone was like 'omg we should take a picture with this surfing board!'
Then everyone have a picture with it -.-

 included me of cos lol

 After playing around the beach, we headed to some malls in Kuta.


Apparently you can see a lot of ROXY, QUICKSILVER, RIP CURL AND RALPH LAUREN in every streets.

 While my other friends shopping in Ralph Lauren, the boyfriend and I went to visit his fav place.

Yes Hard Rock Hotel.

 Interior of Hard Rock cafe in Hard Rock hotel.

 erm must pay a visit to their toilet. lol

 Touristy shot.

We had a seafood dinner at night.
I forgot where was it. but it is quite famous of having dinner beside the beach.

 I mean ON the beach lol

 Group shot without me because i was the photographer T_T *the pain of being a photographer*

Best jagung bakar I've ever had.

ok stay tuned for the part 3 of my Bali trip.


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